Holliston LEED House

This is the story of a family who built the first LEED "green" house in Holliston, Massachusetts. We were trying to spend no more than it would take to build an ordinary house,and maybe even succeeded. The dust is still settling.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Electric update

Got November's electric bill, $225. Base line is 130 from our old house, so I'd say about $100 to heat the house in November in spite of the electric pump for well water, added square feet and barn. And it was pretty cold. Of course, December's will be higher thanks to the holiday lights, but that's what you get for being festive.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One recycled trestle table, slightly slanted.

Seats ten, twelve in a pinch. Thanks to the left over doug fir, not a penny in lumber, just a few bucks in screws, bolts and lags. Oh, and as some would point out, time that could have been spent painting. Sweet!

More press

Metrowest Daily News, that hotbed of suburban scoops, ran an article today on the cover about LEED houses, with us in it. The lead is a beautiful home in Sudbury with metal and concrete. I'm jealous. Madis and Eva said, "Sunday front page? Ho, hum. Can we get the tree now?"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reuse, recycle

The timbers for the house had large pieces of doug fir used to brace the dormers for delivery. They were about 20' long and trapezoidal in shape. With Sam's help, I ripped one down into a long board and two short for use in building this table base. Now, I'm using some of the left over ceiling stock, also doug fir, for the table top. We're getting there... when done, it will be around 7.5' x around 38" wide, plenty for seating 10.