Holliston LEED House

This is the story of a family who built the first LEED "green" house in Holliston, Massachusetts. We were trying to spend no more than it would take to build an ordinary house,and maybe even succeeded. The dust is still settling.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cleaning house

Since the cats are away, I took the opportunity to clear the decks. Filled up the big shop vac twice, stacked wood, took another lumber delivery and cut some ceiling stock. Work on window casings starts tomorrow by Jeff Heavner; John Luczkow is coming to hang our antique doors, something he's been doing for years in his honking great antique down the road. Sam and Paul, having finished their endless shingling job (yay!) will be putting the supports together for the two remaining entries on the north and south sides. John Larter is grading and grading. (But remember: Don't tell Chris and Lloyd, it's a secret.)


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