Holliston LEED House

This is the story of a family who built the first LEED "green" house in Holliston, Massachusetts. We were trying to spend no more than it would take to build an ordinary house,and maybe even succeeded. The dust is still settling.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today, the geothermal system is being perfected for launch. Whether they fired that puppy up yet I don't know; had to take the girls to the dentist. But the van was there, the water lines were there, and the super generator was there. So I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Chris D is perfecting the art of using salvage cupboards. Erickson's team tore through the cellar, putting up the power lines and circuit box and lighting. When last seen, they were tearing through the second floor. Guess I'd better get up there and clean the first floor soon. Pix tomorrow, promise; I forgot my camera today.


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